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(during race season)
4:00pm till dark.
$10.00 Pits 
Grandstand Free 

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$100.00 per 2 hour session
(Call for appointment)

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Friday Times
Pits 4:00PM

Hotlaps 5:30pm
Racing 7:00 p.m.
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QMA 160  -  JJ HENES







































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GATES open at 4:00pm


 RACING @ 7:00PM

Adults $10.00 - Kids 6-12 years old $5.00

 5 years and under free


Sign in fees

$10 for kid, yard, quarter midget 120 - trophy 1-5 

$15 for purple, blue, gold, lite, sr. heavy, 35+, open, cage karts,

305 clones, 360 clones. 80% back to top half 

Last Weeks Results

by:  Jarrett Emmerich

Sandusky Karting Opener Sees Henes and Weaver Performance with Feature Sweeps

(Photo Credits to Brandon Freeman/Elite51 Design And Photography)

(SANDUSKY, OHIO, April 17th, 2015)- While the weather may have delayed the opening race of the 2015 Sandusky Karting Series season last week, the racing that occurred on Friday night certainly made up for the postponement. Karts from nine different divisions piled into the pit area to put on spectacular action under pristine skies. Among these stars and cars of the infield clay oval at the Sandusky Speedway were the Quarter Midgets and clone 305 and 360 divisions.

In the Quarter Midget 120 class, the #74 of Tristan Magel and the #02 of Daison Gaugh made up the front row for the start of the fifteen lap feature. Magel pulled away into the lead over Gaugh on the start. Multi-time Sandusky Speedway quarter midget champion JJ Henes would pull into the runner up position after the completion of the fifth lap, then giving chase to the fading Magel. The leader’s problems were only compounded a few laps later on lap eight as he took a rapid left cut into the infield grass, bringing out the first caution of the race.

At the caution, JJ Henes would assume the lead, with Gaugh, the #33 of Spencer Adkins, the #21 of Paige Biglin, and Magel making up the top five for the restart. Magel would make up position on Adkins and Biglin on the restart to jump into the third position. However, the battle was even more intense at the front of the pack as Gaugh would make contact with the leader Henes on the front stretch. The caution would not be for either of these drivers however, as the Paige Biglin machine would break with eleven laps in the books, making a four lap dash to the checkered flag possible.

The lineup for this restart would be Henes, Gaugh, Magel, and Adkins. This would remain the case for the rest of the race, with third generation open wheel driver JJ Henes taking the checkered flag in his #36 Perfection Fabricators/Hot Wheel Haven machine.

For the clone 305 class’ feature event, the #98 Weaver Performance entry of Logan Miller would start on the front row alongside the #78 of Austin Black. Miller would get the edge on the start, however his teammate, the #90 of Sam Weaver, was quietly working his way through the field in the meantime. Weaver had just managed to sneak past long-time Sandusky Speedway scoring manager Keric Bartlome. Unfortunately, the #07 driven by Sandusky Speedway Street Stock driver Makala Engle would take a spin on the exact same lap, negating Weaver’s progress.

The lineup for the restart would consist of Miller, the #22 of Koree Whyel, Bartlome, Weaver, and Austin Black. The racing action would remain relatively mild-mannered for a handful of laps. However, this was not to be as the Makala Engle machine would again spin off of turn four on lap ten. On the restart, the leader Logan Miller would be spun by Koree Whyel, again bringing out a lengthy caution flag.

Whyel would be sent to the tail end of the field and would spin again on the ensuing chaotic restart. During the caution period, the Logan Miller team found that the spin may have hurt more than just the timeliness of the event, as the #98 machine would stop from the lead and be deemed unfit to continue by the crew. The order for the restart would see Miller’s teammate, the #90 of Sam Weaver, lead the way over Brendan Goforth, Keric Bartlome, Austin Black, and Logan Jackson. The results would look much the same as Weaver pulled away from Goforth, Bartlome, Black, and Whyel.

The Quarter Midget 160 class would see some of the same key players from the 120 class compete for honors once again. The 120 class feature winner JJ Henes would set the pace alongside the polesitter for the 120 event, Tristan Magel. Unfortunately, the race would not get off to the same quick start as its predecessor,as the #33 Adkins Glass machine of Spencer Adkins would climb Magel’s rear tire on the exit of turn two.
Adkins would safely pass Magel on the complete restart, just to spin two laps later. Adkins would go to the tail of the field and never recover as JJ Henes went on for a Quarter Midget feature sweep in his #36 Perfection Fabricators/4th Turn Crazies/Brian’s Automotive machine. Magel would manage to fend off a hard-charging Spencer Adkins for second during their fierce race-long battle.

In the Rookie Girls division, Hailey Engle in the #83 would face off against Tori Bartlome’s #27 from the front row. The #28 of Tiffany Bartlome would take the second position from her sister and teammate Tori on the first lap. However, Tiffany would spin the very next lap on the front straightaway.

Again, Hailey Engle would lead the Bartlome sisters of Tori and Tiffany as well as Nevah Russika to the green flag. Russika would spin after a few laps of incessant panic trying to keep up and be sent to the tail end of the field. On the ensuing restart, the leader and heat race winner Hailey Engle would loop her #83, also being sent to the back of the pack.
Now, Tiffany Bartlome would lead her older sister Tori to the green over Nevah Russika and Hailey Engle. Tiffany would be able to hold this lead until lap ten when she spun alone on the front straightaway, at which time she was sent to the back of the shortened field for bringing out the caution flag.

Tori Bartlome would now lead the charge to the green flag over Hailey Engle, Nevah Russika, and Tiffany Bartlome. The race would be halted once more as the #07 of Russika spun on the front stretch. To use the old motorsports journalist cliché “cautions breed cautions” would be an understatement. On this restart with two laps to go, the second and third place machines of Hailey Engle and Tiffany Bartlome would spin together and bring out a caution on the front straightaway.

With Engle being charged with the caution, the order would be Tori Bartlome, Tiffany Bartlome, Nevah Russika, and Hailey Engle. Engle would get around Russika for third, but at the front of the pack, Tori Bartlome would fend off her sister Tiffany for the Rookie Girls clone class feature win.

For the Clone 360 class, the #90 of Joey Pendergrass sat on the pole position alongside the #27 of Kegan Bartlome. The race did not start very well, as the ‪#‎0x‬ of Mark Poe and Nathan Harris’ #69 spun in turn two on the first lap, causing a complete restart. On the restart, Pendergrass would take the lead. The field would settle in for a short five lap green flag stint until Poe once again looped his #0x machine in turn two on lap six.

Pendergrass would lead Buddy Jackson, Curt Teifke, Sam Weaver, and Kyle Watson to the green for the restart. The karts once again took off on a five lap green flag run until it was cut short with a lengthy red flag. Mark Poe would yet again be involved as the #16 of Kenny Sharp would make huge contact with him, putting Poe out of the race. The order for the restart would remain Pendergrass, Buddy Jackson, Teifke, Weaver, and Watson with just a handful of laps to go.

Shortly before the restart, Weaver pulled off of the track from fourth, moving Shawn Kluck’s ‪#‎7K‬ into the top five. Kyle Watson and Kluck would steal third and fourth place from Teifke on the restart. Teifke would eventually rally back around Kluck for fourth, but Joey Pendergrass would maintain a demanding lead and went on to win over Buddy Jackson, Kyle Watson, Curt Teifke, and Shawn Kluck.

In the Purple Plate class, heat race #1 winner Kaitlyn Woods in the #30 would start alongside the #14 of Ashton Brown. Woods would take the top spot on the start, only to be given chase by the #1 of Ryan Madison. Madison would spin on lap seven due to contact with the ‪#‎23x‬ of Landon Gullett. The remainder of the race saw several late race cautions with single car spins from the ‪#‎3x‬ of Blayne Keckler.

On a lap fourteen restart, the #23x of Gullett would make contact with the leader, Kaitlyn Woods, and spin her in turn one. The finishing order would be Woods, the #23 of Matthew Axford, Ryan Madison, Ashton Brown, Gullett, and Blayne Keckler.

Also winning features were Colven Fowler (Regular Kid Karts), Jeremiah Halbeisen (Blue Plate), and Travis Colvin (Clone 400). The next go kart race at the Sandusky Speedway will take place April 24th with racing starting at 7 PM. This weekend will feature a $200-to-win clone 360 feature event.

Box Score Kart Season Opener April 17th, 2015

Quarter Midget 120 Heat #1- 1)02-Daison Gaugh, 2)74-Tristan Magel, 3)36-JJ Henes, 4)33-Spencer Adkins, 5)21-Paige Biglin, 6)72o-Joey Oriti
Quarter Midget 120 Heat #2- 1)36-JJ Henes, 2)74-Tristan Magel, 3)33-Spencer Adkins, 4)02-Daison Gaugh
Quarter Midget 120 Feature- 1)36-JJ Henes, 2)02-Daison Gaugh, 3)74-Tristan Magel, 4)33-Spencer Adkins, 5)21-Paige Biglin

Clone 305 Heat #1- 1)78-Austin Black, 2)90-Sam Weaver, 3)98-Logan Miller, 4)22-Koree Whyel, 5)7-Brendan Goforth, 6)73-Logan Jackson, 7)1-Keric Bartlome, 8)07-Makala Engle, 9)83-Hailey Engle
Clone 305 Heat #2- 1)90-Sam Weaver, 2)98-Logan Miller, 3)7-Brendan Goforth, 4)22-Koree Whyel, 5)1-Keric Bartlome, 6)73-Logan Jackson, 7)78-Austin Black, 8)83-Hailey Engle, 9)07-Makala Engle
Clone 305 Feature- 1)90-Sam Weaver, 2)7-Brendan Goforth, 3)1-Keric Bartlome, 4)78-Austin Black, 5)22-Koree Whyel, 6)73-Logan Jackson, 7)83-Hailey Engle, 8)98-Logan Miller, 9)07-Makala Engle

Regular Kid Kart Heat #1- 1)07-Colven Fowler, 2)49-Memphis McKenzie, 3)88-Ryan Gardner
Regular Kid Kart Heat #2- 1)07-Colven Fowler, 2)49-Memphis McKenzie, 3)88-Ryan Gardner
Regular Kid Kart Feature- 1)07-Colven Fowler, 2)49-Memphis McKenzie, 3)88-Ryan Gardner

Blue Plate Heat #1- 1)48-Jeremiah Halbeisen, 2)11x-Summer Colvin, 3)RJO7-Ethan Russika
Blue Plate Heat #2- 1)48-Jeremiah Halbeisen, 2)11x-Summer Colvin, 3)RJO7-Ethan Russika
Blue Plate Feature- 1)48-Jeremiah Halbeisen, 2)11x-Summer Colvin, 3)RJO7-Ethan Russika

Quarter Midget 160 Heat #1- 1)36-JJ Henes, 2)33-Spencer Adkins, 3)74-Tristan Magel
Quarter Midget 160 Heat #2- 1)36-JJ Henes, 2)74-Tristan Magel, 3)33-Spencer Adkins
Quarter Midget 160 Feature- 1)36-JJ Henes, 2)74-Tristan Magel, 3)33-Spencer Adkins

Rookie Girls Heat #1- 1)83-Hailey Engle, 2)28-Tiffany Bartlome, 3)27-Tori Bartlome, 4)07-Nevah Russika
Rookie Girls Heat #2- 1)27-Tori Bartlome, 2)83-Hailey Engle, 3)07-Nevah Russika, 4)28-Tiffany Bartlome
Rookie Girls Feature- 1)27-Tori Bartlome, 2)28-Tiffany Bartlome, 3)83-Hailey Engle, 4)07-Nevah Russika

Clone 360 Heat ‪#‎1A‬- 1)90-Joey Pendergrass, 2)17-Curt Teifke, 3)98-Sam Weaver, 4)7K-Shawn Kluck, 5)16-Kenny Sharp, 6)0x-Mark Poe
Clone 360 Heat ‪#‎1B‬- 1)90-Joey Pendergrass, 2)7K-Shawn Kluck, 3)98-Sam Weaver, 4)17-Curt Teifke, 5)0x-Mark Poe, 6)16-Kenny Sharp
Clone 360 Heat ‪#‎2A‬- 1)73-Buddy Jackson, 2)7J-Logan Jackson, 3)27-Kegan Bartlome, 4)69-Nathan Harris, 5)88-Kyle Watson
Clone 360 Heat ‪#‎2B‬- 1)88-Kyle Watson, 2)27-Kegan Bartlome, 3)7J-Logan Jackson, 4)73-Buddy Jackson, 5)69-Nathan Harris
Clone 360 Feature- 1)90-Joey Pendergrass, 2)73-Buddy Jackson, 3)88-Kyle Watson, 4)17-Curt Teifke, 5)7K-Shawn Kluck, 6)7J-Logan Jackson, 7)27-Kegan Bartlome, 8)69-Nathan Harris, 9)16-Kenny Sharp, 10)98-Sam Weaver, 11)0x-Mark Poe

Purple Plate Heat #1- 1)30-Kaitlyn Woods, 2)1-Ryan Madison, 3)23x-Landon Gullett, 4)3x-Blayne Keckler, 5)14-Ashton Brown, 6)23-Matthew Axford
Purple Plate Heat #2- 1)23x-Landon Gullett, 2)30-Kaitlyn Woods, 3)1-Ryan Madison, 4)23-Matthew Axford, 5)3x-Blayne Keckler, 6)14-Ashton Brown
Purple Plate Feature- 1)30-Kaitlyn Woods, 2)23-Matthew Axford, 3)1-Ryan Madison, 4)14-Ashton Brown, 5)23x-Landon Gullett, 6)3x-Blayne Keckler

Clone 400 Heat #1- 1)11x-Travis Colvin, 2)11-Justin Sams
Clone 400 Heat #2- 1)11x-Travis Colvin, 2)11-Justin Sams

Clone 400 Feature- 1)11x-Travis Colvin, 2)11-Justin Sams





All clone classes will go by 2014 AKRA rules.

Classes are: Blue Plate, 305, and 360. All classes will be drum clutch and weenie pipe with muffler.


These are the same rules that the other kart tracks in Ohio go by.  

Points for 305 will continue as they are, but a rule change for the engines will start at the next race event.


 The new class will be the 360 AKRA Clone. Points will begin at the next race event.

The 360 Clone that started at the beginning of the year, will now be called Pro Clone.

[Stock Appearing: Big Pipe and Disk Clutch]

Points for the original 360 Clone will continue but with name change to Pro Clone. 




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